Irma Brasseur-Hock

University of Kansas
Research Professor
Lawrence, Ks, 66049,USA
Dr. Irma Brasseur-Hock is a Program Designer and Instructor for the online High Incidence Teacher Education program at the University of Kansas and an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. Dr. Brasseur-Hock earned her Ph.D. in Special Education at the University of Kansas. Her research interests include adolescent literacy, staff development, coaching, instructional technology, and instructional sustainability. She has coordinated several federally funded research projects, including a study that developed a reading skill profile of struggling adolescent readers. Together with her colleagues, she developed and validated Fusion Reading, a reading program for struggling adolescent readers. She has also developed and implemented a flipped professional development model in which extensive online teacher supports are available to support face-to-face PD for a complex two-year reading program.